About the Company

Dedication to Quality

Vetra Animal Health, a division of Kala Health, Inc., is an exclusive veterinary nutraceutical company that has been proudly manufacturing and distributing high quality supplements for pets since 1997. Our core objective is to research and develop safe, effective, scientifically based products utilizing only premium ingredients. We are committed to delivering a superior line of nutraceuticals with unique formulations that veterinarians can confidently prescribe to improve their patient’s health and well-being.

Leadership & Global Presence

With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Vetra Animal Health is a proud global veterinary company. Our founder and president, Dr. Ronald Breteler, has over 20 years of experience in both the human and animal nutraceutical industries. James St.Clair, DVM, a leading canine rehabilitation expert and a practicing veterinarian, joined Vetra Animal Health in 2010 as VP, Product Development. Supported by a team of research and product development scientists, Dr. Breteler and Dr. St.Clair have steered Vetra Animal Health on course to becoming a global leader in the world of veterinary nutraceuticals. In addition, Vetra Animal Health has formed exclusive licensing agreements for the sales and distribution of patented novel nutraceuticals.

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Vetra Animal Health's line of nutraceuticals are manufactured in our 40,000 square foot facility in Oakdale, CA. In keeping with our commitment to provide products using only premium ingredients, our manufacturing facility is routinely audited by the FDA to ascertain compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Additionally, we have recently attained the prestigious third-party NSF certification which ensures the highest production standards. Our products incorporate only the world’s finest raw materials, all of which have undergone rigorous research and are analyzed for purity and potency. Vetra Animal Health is a full member of the National Animal Supplemental Council (NASC), an organization committed to ensuring the quality of manufactured animal health products and the integrity of the pet supplement industry as a whole.


Since inception, Vetra Animal Health has maintained a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee not only the product’s integrity, purity and adherence to label claims, but more importantly, its effectiveness.



Vetra Animal Health
Division of Kala Health Inc.
108 Woods Hole Rd.; MAIL: PO Box 936
Falmouth, MA 02541

P: (800) 998-8813
F: (508) 495-4035
President: Ronald Breteler, Ph.D.
E: breteler@vetraanimalhealth.com

VP Product Development: James St.Clair, DVM
E: stclair@vetraanimalhealth.com


Vetra Animal Health (Europe)
Obrechtstraat 432
2517 VK The Hague

P: +31 (0) 70 345-0290
F: +31 (0) 70 345-0311
Contact: ir. Paul Klein Breteler
E: paul@vetraanimalhealth.com


Vetra Animal Health (Asia)
6 Marsiling Lane #03-00
Singapore 739145

P: +65 9456 7401
F: +65 6564 7921
Contact: Oh Chye Fang, Ph.D.


Vetra Animal Health (Australia)
P.O Box 533
Lavington, NSW 2641

P: (+61) 0450 900 759
Contact: Dr. Rob Willis,
E: willis@vetraanimalhealth.com